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Freljord x100 changelog 2018-04

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Here you will see what updates are done to server platform both by us and by server development team.

Some of updates are still not implemented as it takes some time adjusting our customized configuration to new files. You can test most of updates at our Beta server.

  • Fixed "DDoS packet flooding" exploit method
  • Olympiad points reset service implemented
  • Clan reward bonus service implemented - checking of players occurs on the HWID
  • New zone type "AOE Fun" - gives flag on entering it boundaries
  • Fixed bug when Cursed Weapons on restart of character does not give bonus stats anymore
  • Correct Attack Range for mobs/guards/etc. - ignore the atk_range of the weapon and apply only baseAtkRange
  • Correct buff for Eva's Templar on olympiad
  • Instance Zone implementation step - check party members level before letting enter
  • Fix getFollowTarget NPE
  • Banish Seraph activation rate has been adjusted
  • Enchant route for Guard Stance - Power enchantment has been corrected
  • Corrected enchant route Cost and Power for following skills: Thunder Storm,Drain Health, Reflect Damage, Stunning Shot, Deflect Arrow,Fatal Strike,Might of Heaven,Silence,Surrender To Water,Surrender To Wind,Surrender To Fire,Seal of Chaos,Dreaming Spirit,Seal of Slow,Death Spike,Corpse Burst,Curse Death Link,Slow,Curse: Weakness,Anchor,Blazing Circle,Frost Wall,Surrender To Poison,Prominence,Aura Flare,Hydro Blast,Ice Dagger,Seal of Silence,Curse Gloom,Curse Disease,Aura Bolt,Aqua Splash,Rain of Fire,Mass Slow,Mass Fear,Turn Undead,Sting,Hammer Crush,Soul Breaker,Snipe,Shield Fortress,Judgment
  • Corrected skills "Resist *" enchant on Cost
  • Fate Whispers quest has been corrected
  • Level reset service with possible rewards (also known as Rebirth)
  • After using rename service to the player, restart to display a new nickname is no longer needed
  • Zaken doors has been fixed to open only on specific times.
  • Devil's Island geodata fixes
  • Correct power of skills for boss Antharas
  • NPE Zone corrections
  • Blood Sword Akamanah stats correction
  • Correct level's for some raid bosses
  • Correct power of skills for boss Baium
  • Correct Scarlet van Halisha
  • Correct apply stats Active: Item Skill: Cheer
  • Corrections on PvP custom events
  • Correct Scarlet van Halisha level
  • Correct CanSee target from wall with Z diff and Collision high character.
  • Cancellation debuff will now remove most of your buffs but return them after 10 seconds
  • Clean Klepton script
  • Correct Tower of Insolence teleport and Researcher Keplon dialog
  • PvP events - add(modif) old locations to new funny
  • Correct default return point for pvp events
  • Add condition for min lvl to teleport location
  • Added a new option to hide nicknames, clans and names when participating in PvP events
  • Distance for RB jumping if cant attack set to 900 units
  • Condition for distance range for RB if he cant come a close and attack
  • PvP Event countdown now is shown as screen message
  • Rework and translate Contract item
  • Add lost string for Cursed weapon forbidden shout and trade chat
  • Full rework quest Inhabitants Of The Forest Of The Dead
  • Full rework quests Lidias Heart
  • Full rework of Hiding Behind The Truth quest
  • Fix quest Prove Your Courage
  • Rework Lidia's Diary + translate
  • Remove some condition for registration to PvP events
  • Add new Custom Event halloween
  • Added missing NPC for custom Halloween event
  • Bison Spirit Totem stack order corrrected
  • Fixed respawn of Life Control Tower after castle capturing
  • Premium account does not affect the number of awards for the achievement system
  • PvP events - at teleportation participated members leave all parties
  • Correct target for Heroic Grandeur #326
  • Fast Zone clear method added
  • Add string for NPC talking delay restrict
  • Adjusted Frintezza Requiem of Hatred heal effect - 3% of base HP regeneration
  • Correct Frintezza Requiem of Hatred effect power
  • Correct Fear effect - character do not change position concerning the caster
  • Second Password check on Character Delete added
  • Correct system message on attack in Peace zone and on Negative skill cast in peace zone
  • Send reward for Castle taken even if it was offline
  • Class master now has it's own voiced command (can be accessed thru .menu or .classmaster)
  • Detailed info about current weapon augment - .aug
  • Daily sieges - Add possibility to change registration on siege witjout clan leader set date delay
  • Fix exploit with reuse remove on distance skill enchant
  • Correct Agit doors
  • Self debuffs and applyOnCaster with offensive skills do not apply on caster if caster in DebuffImmune or Invulnerable
  • Clan dissolve system fully implemented.
  • Rework condition of Village Master and add new HTMLs
  • Add chat command .relog .restart to do fast client reload and at the same time clear cache
  • Added Balanced AI
  • Add kill check for pvp events
  • Geodata cosmetics for Ant Queen nest
  • SmartGuard 3.0 server-side implementation support - will be added in the future
  • Block Buff now can exclude some buffs
  • Fix visual bug on enchant with param reset_level
  • Correct level of Summon
  • Correct abnormal times for Bless of Elements
  • On character repair all buffs are removed
  • For PvP events apply buff protect on teleport if it enabled
  • Clan rank check for command channel create
  • Config for Party difference in levels after which there will be a penalty when getting Exp/Sp when killing mobs
  • Config for the difference in levels after which there will be a penalty when getting Exp/Sp when killing mobs
  • Restore health and move to home for monsters and raids if they taken out of the distance MaxPursueRange
  • HWID check for PvP reward
  • Added the ability to add many items for Champions mobs
  • Additional commands for Banking and Clan Summon
  • Remove double spawn for Kamaloka instance zone
  • Correct dialog on disband clan
  • Correct for debuff Venomous Poison
  • Cosmetic for target select
  • Correct skill debuff for Fairy Tree of *
  • Cosmetic for manor

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